Change automatic ticket number generation
Question asked by Ronald Miller - September 16, 2014 at 1:27 PM
How can I change the way SmarterTrack generates ticket numbers?  I want a sequential number not a random number.

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Why isn't there an answer for this good suggestion?
Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hello all,
SmarterTrack's ticket numbers are randomly generated. There is not a way to modify the ticket number to get a sequential order instead. This is, in part, to prevent users from guessing the next ticket number in the rotation and submitting a ticket they they may not be authorized to submit, such an unpaid support ticket.
This feature request has been discussed in the past. Because SmarterTrack's ticketing system heavily relies on the ticket number as it is generated now, this is not a feature that will be changed in the near future. However, we have considered other changes to make the ticket number more user friendly, such as changing where the ticket number is displayed - removing it from the subject line, adding it as a Custom Field, etc.  
Andrea Rogers 
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Is there any update here. Ticket numbers in subject lines are ugly. How about header (hidden) or body? Many other solutions are heading this direction.
Any plans to hide the ticket number within the header or email body vs. putting in the subject line which is extremely distracting to users interacting with us. Zendesk and Front are two providers for example that are using more discrete ways to link the communication. Smarter Track seems behind the curve in this area. I'm curious about future plans to modernize.
Has there been any progress on this?
Smarter Tools has been really quiet on Smarter Track for a long time. I think they're focused on the issues surrounding the release of Smarter Mail 16.x.
We hope Smarter Track will get attention soon!

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