Filter Sets (version 9.2.5360)
Problem reported by Didier Pilois - 9/14/2014 at 11:28 PM
After having upgraded SmarterStats Professional to version 9.2.5360 I noticed that the "Excluded Items" previously entered one per line are now listed as if they were on a "single line" (but a copy/past in notepad shows correct lines list).
Adding a new item followed by "enter" seems to add a single space.

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Hey Didier,
What type of upgrade did you complete?  Was this an upgrade from a previous version of SmarterStats (say 8.x or below), or was this a minor upgrade from a previous version of 9.x?
Filter sets did change from  8.x to 9.x, and there could be a case where older data is not properly being displayed.  If you could clarify the upgrade path I can confirm this is the case.
Didier Pilois Replied
Occurs when using IE11 (Windows 2008 R2) but seems correct with Firefox... Anyway even if a new item is added using IE11 the result is correct. The problem is only "visual" but real :-)

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