Saving Import Filters (version 9.2.5360)
Problem reported by Didier Pilois - 9/14/2014 at 11:21 PM
After having upgraded SmarterStats Professional to version 9.2.5360 I noticed that when adding a new filter there is no more success message to tell that the save operation has been successful (but it is) and when trying to browse to another page (for example Users) the new page page doesn't show but remains visible the spinner...
Thatnks for your help.

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Currently when a filter set is added to a site no success\error notification is configured to show.  Rather the list itself updates to show the new filter set that was added.  This would be the same functionality that would be seen as well if you added an additional item to a filter set.  Some type of notification message could be useful though, so I will add this to the list of items of consideration for a future release of SmarterStats.
As for browsing from one page to another, this sounds like something completely unrelated.  Without being able to see the behavior directly it's hard to say what could be causing this type of issue.  A support ticket might be needed to have a further look by our support staff.  A few things that I could recommend would be to make sure that you have SmarterStats setup in IIS, and if it is, complete an IIS Reset to make sure that this is not an issue within IIS.
Jacob Setterberg Replied
We also have this issue
The filter set entries in smarterstats don't allow new lines
The filters don't work like they used to  - there seems to be no effect on the report no matter what exclusion filters are set
we are using Version 9.2.5360.  we probably upgraded from Version 9.0.5318 - would need to verify that in our tickets, but it wasn't working in the earlier version.  Not sure when it worked last - one of the 8 versions most likely.
Would really like this fixed by Nov. 1 when the reports go out, but see no fix in the latest release.

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