Allow reporting of Spam via IMAP
Idea shared by Colin M - September 10, 2014 at 11:10 AM
Currently SmarterMail will create a .eml file for any emails that a user manually marks or unmarks as spam via the web interface for the purpose of training the bayesian filter. These are stored in Service/Spam|Ham/Type[123]. The details of this are explained here. This is wonderful except for the fact that a *lot* of people never use the webmail! (about 1% of my users use webmail)
I see no reason that the same couldn't be done for email users via IMAP. That is, when a MOVE command is issued for a message into the "Junk E-Mail" mailbox consider this the same as a user clicking Junk from the web interface. Similarly, when a message is moved out of Junk-Email into any other folder besides trash (or even just the Inbox) it is considered Ham.
POP users are SOL..

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This is a good idea and I think I have read people asking for it before.
But I question the effectiveness of the bayesian filter anyhow... Like I give mine a score of 8, which alone will not actually do much.
While this is a great idea, will this cause an issue with the IMAP protocol, IE:
If SmarterMail implements this capability within the SmarterMail program software's IMAP protocol, will devices and clients which are connected via IMAP be able to take advantage of the new code, and;
If SmarterMail implements this capability will it cause other issues with the overall IMAP protocol, potentially causing other issues?
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I know this thread is a few months old, but I have a suggestion that might help everyone out, POP, IMAP and WebMail users. Why not have SM have the capability for end users submit spam email to a specially setup email address for the spam filter listen in on and learn from?
For example, or whatever mail address you want to setup for the spam filter to listen for. Then the user forwards the spam to that address. Any submissions to this address from local users would be recognized as a spam report and train the Bayesian filter accordingly. Allow this to be a global setting for all domains and only allow local authenticated users to use it. It's a win/win for everyone. Not only POP, IMAP but also Webmail users could take advantage of it. That way it's universal for everyone.
A few months old?!?!  This was suggested way back in 2014. :-)
It's also on the top 10 list of most-requested enhancements.
Let's hope ST understands what their customers want and switch this Idea to Planned or In Progress.
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For the SmarterMail 16 release we are just about exclusively focused on the new interface.  Re-writing that from scratch is a very large task and taking up most of our development time.
The release after that should be a large feature release where we can do many requests like this one.  Since we haven't planned out SmarterMail 17 yet I can't say for certain that this will be in it, but it likely will due to the number of requests it had received.
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Hello everyone,
After much consideration, we have determined this functionality is not on the roadmap for future versions of SmarterMail. We do appreciate your feedback, and thank you for your participation on this thread.

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