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Question asked by Webio - September 10, 2014 at 12:42 AM
latest SmarterMail version has integration and there is also help article about it:
but I'm wondering do we need also to add another MX record to DNS zone? Here and there ( can be found information that we need to add MX record and I'm wondering if this is needed when using SmarterMail integration. I've enabled this solution for a test and I'm wondering on what situation it works and on what it is not. In stats I see that there are some bounces handled by but I've made few tests where I've sent from my SmarterMail server to non existing gmail account and from my existing gmail account to non existing mailbox on mail domain handled by my SmarterMail server and none of them where handled by IMHO message send from gmail to non existing email account on my server should be handled by but maybe I'm missing something.
EDIT: Small configuration info. I'm using main SmarterMail server with three SmarterMail gateways. All of them are configured with and their IP addresses are present in IP address section.

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Firstly, thanks for signing up with! has two solutions:
a) mailbox provider solution, such as yourself, whereby: when your SM users send an email a non-existent user or domain (or have other mail delivery problems), your server generates a bounce which forwards that bounce notice only (not message body) to our server, which enhances the bounce and sends it back to your user.
b) domain owners, where people or companies who own (usually thousands of) domains can point their MX records directly at our MTA servers, and we process every piece of email and bounce them all back (as non-existent user).  (i.e. these domains are never handling 'real' mail or hosting mailboxes).   The article you read at TheWhir, by Sean Staffard, is about this 'domain owner' product.
That should help answer most of your questions.   So, for the SmarterMail integration you do not need an MX record in your DNS zone.   Also, an email from your gmail account to a non-existent user on your SmarterMail server, will not produce an enhanced bounce, because it was google that was authoring that bounce for your gmail account.   Our mailbox provider solution (a) enhances bounces for bounces that are authored by your SM server.
In regards to the bounce that you did receive, that ended up in your SPAM folder.  I'll do some more investigation on this topic, and answer that question soon.
Regards, Andrew.
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Regarding your issue where the message went to your spam folder, do you have your incoming gateway IP address(es) listed on your primary server under the "Bypass Gateways" tab on your "Security -> Antispam Administration" page?

The IP addresses are automatically whitelisted when is enabled.  However, you need to have your incoming gateway IP addresses listed in the "Bypass Gateways" tab on your primary server for that whitelisting to work.  Otherwise your primary SmarterMail server will think the message is getting sent from your incoming gateway IP address instead of the IP address.
If you do have your incoming gateway IP address(es) bypassed correctly, then I will do some testing of the incoming gateway scenario to see if I can reproduce what you are seeing.
As for the non-formatted bounce message, if doesn't understand how to parse a SmarterMail bounce message it will send it back in it's original form.  We have some bounce messages where either we will need to format them in a way understands or will need to update their parsing to handle our formatting.  We will work with them on that as we encounter unformatted bounces, so that will get better with time.  From my testing the messages bounced with an SMTP response were all handled correctly, but there are some other cases we will have to work on together.
Does this take a while to start working? I configured it all and sent a test yet it looks no different than normal.
My domains are showing on
Is the same thing as
The bounce mail itself still leaves a lot to be desired. For example the "Prefer no ads?" link does nothing.
The ad makes the explanation text crammed together and harder to read.
I did not define links to support, terms or privacy yet the links show in the email and actually go nowhere.
The find out more and rate this email links look very sketchy and not something safe to click on. Are the lengthy urls really necessary?
Last thing I need to ask is how does this add value to Smartermail? If anything this seems very spammy and kind of makes the bouce look cheap.
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We appreciate the feedback.  We are still working out all the kinks with the Bounce.IO integration and why SmarterTools hasn't formally made any announcements other than the release notes. Interesting enough, there have been a number of SmarterMail customers that saw the release notes and immediately signed up for the service.

Andrew and his team have been working very diligently to make this integration as simple as possible and we appreciate any time they spend in our community helping SmarterMail customers understand the technical aspects but also the overall opportunity!  As an FYI, their most recent effort is to improve the overall look and functionality of the Bounce Message which I was shown today.

SmarterTools is looking for partnerships just like this; that help SmarterMail customers earn revenue!  Its a difficult world out there and want to give our customers the best chance of success.  By helping end-users of SmarterMail better understand bounced messages, it will reduce the load on Administrators and/or Technical Support departments for ISP's/Hosting Providers.  In addition, there is no reason NOT to monetize these bounce messages of which Bounce.IO is sharing 50% of the proceeds.  I am very proud of the work we have done and the reason we have done it!

And were not done!  We are looking at other partnerships as well... 


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We found a major bug with today in that their code allows the removal of the only e-mail address associated with an account and, effectively, locks out the account and all associated domains and IP addresses.
To their credit, the support staff at reset the account, but, when re-activated, nothing auto-populated:  neither the domains or IP addresses.
We've also sent several tests and anything received back by Comcast is being bounced back to them by Comcast because Comcast says it looks like it is supposed to be originating from our servers and our DMARC policy states no one else is allowed to send on our behalf.
We are also, by HIPAA, prohibited from using someone else's server as a gateway, and I'm not going to whitelist someone's service - we pretty much prohibit whitelisting on all of our managed MX servers, so this limits us a lot.
We're definitely interested in seeing where this goes, but have already had two large law firms and one medical facility say no to having it used on their domains because of the advertising content.
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Hey Guys,
I have also found a bit of a flaw with the way the bounced email is delivered to the sender.
The servers will send the 'enhanced' bounced email as '' where is the local domain hosted on my SmarterMail server and because I have the "Enable domain's SMTP auth setting for local deliveries" option set to enabled, the bounced email fails authentication and never reaches the end user because of course cannot authenticate.
Now I really love this concept :) and I was able to get it working by disabling SMTP auth for local delivery to see how it all works, my question is: is it safe to allow unauthenticated emails to local deliveries ? It seems pretty harmless to me..
We only get messages locally on our own network. When we test it from Google/Yahoo etc we get generic bounce back messages. Any ideas?

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