Change titles, "knoweldge base, "news", "tickets"
Question asked by Anthony Haniff - September 9, 2014 at 11:22 AM
Hio there
Is there a way to currently overwrite the main button text, e.g "knowledge base, "news", "tickets"  etc . I have looked at css replacements techniques online but its not abundantly clear to me.
Many Thanks

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Anthony,
At this time these buttons or the text on them cannot be modified. They are hard-coded into SmarterTrack. I'll go ahead and change this from a Question to an Idea so other users can vote on this as well.
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Employee Replied
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These strings are translatable. They are in the language file as @Home, @KnowledgeBase, @News, @Tickets, and @Community. Note that changing the translation file will cause changes elsewhere in the product where these strings are used.
How are these changeable for those using the hosted ST?
I think the point still is that if you offer an enterprise product, the labels should be custom as well. 

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