Adding Custom Fields To User Registration
Idea shared by Ben Santiardo - September 8, 2014 at 5:14 AM
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I have a situation where we would like to know some additional information from customers, such as what company they represent. We deal with School Districts and knowing which School District a customer represents is a big requirement. I figured out how to add custom fields to a ticket, but asking a user to answer that same question over and over for every ticket they enter is redundant. Would be easier to link that data to the user's account to prevent having to re-answer the same question over and over.
Is there any way to add a Custom Field to the User Registration? Something that would be visible when viewing a user's ticket?
Ben Santiardo

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Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi Ben!
At this time there isn't a way to add custom fields to the registration page. I'll go ahead and change this thread to an idea so that other users can vote on this suggestion as well.
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Hey Ben, 
You have totally right, I have the same request, it make no sense to fill ever the same data each time you open a ticket. As well using the API is not yet possible :-( 

But hopefully in the next release, who knows.

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