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Question asked by Michael Gyekye - 9/5/2014 at 2:24 AM
In SmarterMmail , is there a console responsible for creating email aliases. I know to create aliases manually under Domain setting but after email server started report error message of "No such user here"  I was informed by a contractor that there is a special console for creating alaises which stopped running hence aliases were not being created. I have looked under services and there were 2 services for SmaterMail. According to documentation I read, email server cannot work if smarterMail service stops running. so since the server has been running  and sending emails perfectly, it can't be email service which stopped
Please can someone tell me, if  apart from creating  aliases via web sevice, is  there also another process which needs to be run on  by smarterMail in order to create aliases.

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Steve Reid Replied
All I have done is add them through webmail and they work right away...
Likely there is something else going on with your server. You can try restarting the smartermail service to see if that helps.

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