SmarterMail v13.x as a backup MX to SmarterMail v7.6.x
Question asked by DXD - 5/1/2015 at 10:14 AM
Is it possible to setup a SmarterMail v13.x as a backup MX for a server running SmarterMail v7.6.x without any issues?

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Scarab Replied
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Is it possible? "Yes" but if it is advisable that might be an iffy "Maybe, it depends".
I've used the latest and greatest Smartermail as Incoming and Outgoing Gateways when my primary Smartermail server is a major version (or two) behind, but never that many versions behind (I know some major things happened in v8-9 of Smartermail and the WebSvc calls have changed somewhat so I'm not sure if Smartermail Gateway Mode and Web Service User Verification would work between that new and that old of versions.).

However, if you are just using Backup MX or Domain Forward (with Web Service User Verification and Smartermail Gateway Mode both disabled) then I don't think you'll run into any problems. In theory your Backup MX shouldn't care if your primary is even running Smartermail, so it should work perfectly fine.

DXD Replied
Thanks, that's what I was thinking just wanted to check. The 7.6.x will be upgraded to 13.x but it could be a few weeks still as I'm still sorting out hardware issues and other software that needs to be in place before before I try and tackle that project.
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