How Long to Retain Complete Domains/users
Question asked by Merle Wait - 5/1/2015 at 9:03 AM
So... our email servers backed up approx every 5 minutes...
That addresses immediate outages...
But what settings or processes are used by others..  to like restore an entire set of folders (if the user deletes)...
What processes or routines do you use to do that... and do you charge the customer to restore???
So be clear.. the issue not a disaster recovery or hardware issue... its when the user deletes his/her own large sets of folders and wants us to restore.
Just curious??

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Brian Ellwood Replied
In our case, if you pay me for backups, I don't charge you to restore back to the same server... BMR and DR are a little different.

Stop the SM service -> restore the folders from backup -> restart service -> done

Since it involves dropping the service for the entire server it tends not to happen too often once the IT guy on site flogs the end-user for interrupting email for the whole company =)

In a shared environment we'll only restore during specific times to limit disturbance (YMMV based on customer set)

From the providers perspective I'm agnostic though...
Employee Replied
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Hello Merle,
I wanted to let you know that in version 13x of SmarterMail you now have ability to restore a user's account and folders without stopping the SmarterMail service.  I do agree to an extent on the restore process that you may feel more comfortable on manually replacing the files to the correct location. 
Please look over the Knowledge Base Article for more details.
SmarterUser Replied
Having used the restore functionality today, I have to say that it is fast and flawless.  Much easier than the old way of doing things, and it's really nice not to have to stop the service.  Well done, ST!
Merle Wait Replied
Had no idea... Awesome.. that solves that.
Thank you.

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