Need Smartermail Guru with DNS strength
Question asked by Michael J. Dickman - 4/30/2015 at 1:21 PM
I am an application designer that has integrated Smartermail into our software.
I need help and am looking for long term relationship.  
I go back to version 3 of Smartermail but not doing any admin like I was years ago.
Strength in DNS and related Winserver 2012 admin skills a plus.
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In the old days here you could PM someone, can that still be done?  Am I missing that?

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Merle Wait Replied
I sent an email to you (from mdwait @ ebt.net (not a DNS guru.. but can hold my own.
Steve Reid Replied
PMs are sadly missing...
Employee Replied
Employee Post
I have it on good authority that PMs are in the planning stages for SmarterTrack 12...
Brian Ellwood Replied
Communication on a communication platform shouldn't be an afterthought it should be foundation... Man I miss the old forums :( /rant
Michael J. Dickman Replied
Brian and others, yes I griped at our good friend Emily on the front lines at SmarterTools chat and not the first time I did so about the "downgrade" of the forum. Pointed out to her that I used to come the forums daily as it was awesome resource for people like me that are adequate admins with smartermail but not power freaks like some others here. Someone at smartertools needed a project, ,much in the same way as things are done out here in California, if it is working fine screw it up. That is exactly the case of what has been done here. It's much like the small town I grew up in San Joaquin Valley, everyone went to a local watering hole/restaurant and talk with each other. CEO boy at SmarterTools made huge gaffe here. Hope they fix it because I have been in this software game over 30 years and if I have hard time communicating with established user base, especially the power users like Bruce, Steve, and others kind of steers me away if my only avenue for support is to pay. I may be wrong but looking for a few extra dollars in support revenue vs. a strong community I would keep the town meeting place intact rather than tear it down. rant over :-)
Brian Ellwood Replied
I believe the change was done with good intentions. It allowed the community to up vote important issues so at a glance they could get a read on community.

Presumably they weighed their options between voting functionality on the old platform versus using their own in-house software and figured they could modify theirs easier; I can't argue with that.

My beef, along with everyone else was the unilateral deletion of the legacy forums without consulting their users which effectively blew away what made the community so tight.

cPanel does this flawlessly, They have a voting system that shows what the community feels important and a forum system for the userbase to transact with the community. It is the best of both worlds.

I too used to visit everyday, I loved coming to the forums. However the sense of community is now gone. The ease of use is gone. What you are presented with is the distilled "read of the community" which is great from the developer side, but not so much on the user base side.

As a customer and consumer I feel let down and as if my prior contributions were meaningless.
Michael J. Dickman Replied
Board of Directors should know about this. Maybe the higher ups will clue in.
Bruce Barnes Replied
I responded to you via e-mail.
Bruce Barnes
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Paul Blank Replied
Hear, hear!

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