explanation for Content Filter Bouncing
Question asked by Wael Shehab - 9/3/2014 at 5:56 AM
there is an option in the anti spam setting called : Content Filter Bouncing
security>>anti spam administration >>> options >>> content filter bouncing 
i just want any to help me to understand this option and how it will affect on my  users where i did not understand any thing for the smarter mail help documentation ?????????????????????

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Bruce Barnes Replied
If you enable it, which used to be the norm, you may get blacklisted for BACKSCATTER.
Here are the settings we use to minimize the sending of messages and responses, thus lowering any possibility we might be accused of "backscatter" and placed on an RBL list:
Minimizing Backscatter Risk
Minimizing Backscatter Risk
See: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Backscatter_(email) for more information about the implications of backscatter.
Additional protective settings, including more information on backscatter, along with other helpful information on ensuring delivery of e-mail which originates on your SmarterMail MX server, can be found in the following two documents I have published:
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Scarab Replied
If your Mail Server has accepted an email for delivery but then decides not to deliver the message because it exceeds the Incoming Weight Threshold (if enabled) after running Anti-Spam tests that are enabled for Incoming SMTP Blocking, or if the recipient or recipient's domain has a filter enabled that blocks delivery for the message or sender, then a NDR (Non-Deliverable Response) bounce-back message is normally generated to the sender with the appropriate SMTP 5XX Delivery Error. As most spammers do not use a valid e-mail address, or worse may use the e-mail address of a spam-trap, sending these NDR bounces will either be wasted efforts that clog up your Outgoing queue, or worse may get your Mail Server listed on an RBL. It is recommended to set this to the most restrictive setting that is allowed (either Disabled or Require message passed SPF), even though this does technically violate older RFCs for email.

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