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Question asked by Sarah Weinberger - 4/30/2015 at 8:34 AM
I blocked an email address using the "Actions | Block Sender" from the web client.
How do I view the list of blocked email addresses?
(I think that I might have blocked an email address. Also, I am curious what the list currently is.)
I deleted the emails in the folder, so I cannot simply select and say unblock. Besides, I should be able to somehow see the list.

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To see the list, login to your account and go to Settings | My Settings | Filtering | Content Filter. Edit the Internal Block Senders filter and then click Next.  You will see a list of all email addresses that are blocked.  If you blocked one by mistake, just remove it and then click Next and Save.
Sarah Weinberger Replied
Thanks! I saw the Settings | Filtering | Content Filter and clicked the edit to the Internal Block Senders, but then saw a page of checkboxes. I did not realize (see, pathetic me) the button that said "Next" at the top.

Thanks again!
Sarah Phillips Replied
What version of Smartermail does this solution pertain to?
I have the same problem (inadvertently blocked a good email address) however the above solution does not work.
When I visit Settings | Filtering | Content Filter I see the Edit button, however I do not see a Internal Block Senders filter.
I am using version 14.5
Andrea Free Replied
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Hey Sarah. This would apply to version 14.5 and both the Professional and Enterprise editions. Perhaps you unblocked the user already? The Internal Blocked Senders filter will only show up if at least one email address is blocked.

Do you still have an email from the user you believe to blocked? If you do, go ahead and click on their email address in the header of the email. You should get a little bubble that allows shortcuts to send a new email, add/edit their contact or block them. If this shows "Block Sender" then that user shouldn't be blocked and won't show up on the content filter. If it DOES show "Unblock Sender" yet you still don't have a content filter for blocked senders, I'd get this looked into a bit more. Let's start there though.

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


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