SmarterTrack 10.X Portal Buttons not displaying correctly in IE9
Problem reported by Justin Garcia - 4/23/2015 at 4:02 PM
We have Internet Explorer 9 mainly in our environment. I am testing SmarterTrack version 10.6.5584.20344. I am testing this version because we are using 6.3 in production and want to upgrade very soon.
On the Home portal, the Search button is transparent with a block box around it. Then when you press "Login" at the top right that one shows up OK, but the "Register" and "Close" buttons are transparent with a black box around the buttons instead of dark gray color. Chrome and IE11 show the buttons OK. IE9 does not, even in compatibility mode for IE 8,9, or 7.
I even customized to a different color in the custom CSS like red and it does not show up in IE9. It did in Chrome and IE11.
Is this a bug? IE9 should be supported for the buttons to show correctly.
Thank you.

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Justin Garcia Replied
We have IE 9 and the buttons show light gray (hardly readable) instead of blue.  The Search, Register, and Close buttons on the portal page have this issue. Also, the "Post Comment" button is doing this too on the Community site. I have reset the browser and cleared the browser cache/cookies and the problem is still occurring. Could it be button rendering issues? IE11 and Chrome buttons show up OK. If IE 9 is supported, can this be fixed? We are using SmarterTrack 10.6, latest release.
Thank you.

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