What triggers Manual Ticket Events?
Question asked by Jeff Wall - 4/21/2015 at 2:04 PM
Setting up a manual ticket event to trigger off a custom Field Identifier created in custom fields > field definitions. Data type is a drop down list.
I need an email triggered when the value is change in the drop down list from one value to another. 
Process would be to open a ticket change the drop down custom field value and email triggered.
Email works fine for other triggers just not in a Manual Ticket Event.
Any help / suggestions would be great.

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Antonio King Replied
A manual ticket event will fire whenever you tell it to (not automatically). So when you're handling a specific ticket that you want to do this for, you would click the "Actions" tab on the ticket and select the the event you created.

System Events | Manual Ticket Event | *ex* Call Type = Issue | Actions | Send Email | Save

This would only fire when you tell it to via the Actions tab on the ticket itself. So you would go in the ticket, change the value of the custom field you want to change, go to Actions, and fire the event.

Hope that helps!
Jeff Wall Replied
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Thanks, That works. 

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