Features that every Smartermail Admin would love to see
Idea shared by Luk - 4/21/2015 at 3:21 AM
1. Online User Renaming Feature, it's a shame that Smartermail can't do that!
2. Better Active Directory Integration
Synchronize user information from AD to Smartermail. Synchronize AD Account information like phone number etc.
3.Mailing List with options: "Include All Domain Users" (aliases are less secure)
Mailing List with LDAP filter options to create Mailing list based on OU            
4.Export to CSV on every view
Every Grid in Smartermail web interface should have export to CSV feature, especially Setting->Domain Settings->Users.
Many times we need a way to export users list with status and last login.
5. Better Outlook integration, maybe some kind of outlook connector to replace "Add to Outlook" feature on GAL and Calendar. Calendars Added by "Add to Outlook" cannot be primary calendar for Outlook :(
6. CYREN Logs
Some kind of information in delivery logs why CYREN classified emails as a SPAM or Viruses
7.Default E-mail address on user options
To add different default email address for users. Or some kind of email address policies.
We are using AD Authentication Mode, our AD accounts are in format jsmith@domain.com however we need to use email addresses in format john.smith@domain.com. It would be nice to have this possibility
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