Bounce back/Delivery Failure Notices lack 'from' address
Question asked by Daniel H - 4/17/2015 at 3:34 PM
We use SmarterMail to send outgoing emails from our application server, but use Google Mail to handle users/incoming emails, etc. 
Recently, we stopped getting any delivery failure notices, and when I checked into it, they were all being filtered into spam for failing SPF checks. Here is the SPF check from one of the emails:
Received-SPF: none (google.com: mail.constructionmonitor.net does not designate permitted sender hosts) client-ip=;
It looks like SmarterMail is not attaching a sender address, so Google can't verify it, and files it into the spam folder. Is there any way to configure this and force SmarterMail to include a 'from' address on bounce backs.
Or is there any way to make it use DKIM on bounce/delivery failures, it did not include a DKIM header on this one. (But I have configured/test that DKIM is working otherwise).

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