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Question asked by Brian Gallutia - 4/15/2015 at 6:38 AM
Good Morning - 
Is there a way to track / log users that log into the SmarterMail web interface?  I have a client that is concerned that his account is being logged into without his knowledge and asked me if this was possible.
Any help is appreciated.  Thank you -

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Hello Brian,
Thanks for the inquiry. You may log in as the System Administrator and choose Manage [wrench icon] User Activity | Online Users or the Inactive Users. This will give you a good indication of the connected users. You may also select the Current Connections option and choose the Protocols {IMAP, POP, SMTP} Etc.
Brian Gallutia Replied
I did find this and it's a real-time solution, but is there a log file referenced somewhere that records these connections? Thank you -
Scott Hendrickson Replied
Why is it that SmarterTools never seems to want to answer questions related to logging Webmail activity???
Scott Hendrickson SOS4Net, Inc. Centennial, CO. U.S.A.

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