Problem with survey in different languages
Problem reported by Freerk Duursma - 4/13/2015 at 1:47 AM
I've created a few surveys and added them to the appropriate signatures.
If i am using the smartertrack portal in English and reply to a ticket, it sends the correct signature with the added survey.
If i switch the portal to Dutch(Nederlands) and then reply to a ticket, it doesnt send the survey link with it. The survey tag then gets ignored.
If i want to add a survey to a signature while using the portal in Dutch it changes the [#Survey1#] Tag to [#Enquête1#] which it then adds instead. When i reply to a email while having the [#Enquête1#] tag included it still won't include the survey though.
Is it possible to still include survey's in a signature while using the portal in a different language than english?

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User Replied
Hello, Sorry you are having this issue, what version are you on so i can try this locally?
Freerk Duursma Replied
Hello Ashley,

We are using SmarterTrack Version: 10.6.5577.
Employee Replied
Employee Post
Hello Freerk,
I was able to recreate this issue locally and it has been fixed for the next version. 
To temporarily fix this issue:
  1. In your files go to SmarterTrack11\src\SmarterTrack.MRS\App_Data\Translations
  2. open each file and search (CTRL+F) for @Survey" <- with the "
  3. Replace the Translation to the English word Survey (or any other word that does not have a symbol in it)
This will make survey show up as english in your management interface but it will at least send your surveys. 
If this is urgent contact support to see if they can get you a custom build.
Note: When you update you will need to remove the old survey variable from the signature and put it in again.
Thank you,
Freerk Duursma Replied
Hello Ashley,
Thank you for the reply, the temporarily fix works great!

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