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Question asked by Dean Lawrence - 4/10/2015 at 11:39 AM
I have a client that is having problems retrieving his mail. He is able to connect and it starts to download, but ends up failing. He may download 3 of 4 messages before it errors. I checked the POP logs and am seeing this "ERR Session timeout, OK POP Server signing off". Is this timeout happening because of a server issue or is on the client end? Here is a more complete snippet (with the client info removed):
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] connected at 4/10/2015 12:29:51 PM
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] CAPA
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] USER user@myuser.com
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] PASS XXXX
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] user@myuser.com logged in
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] STAT
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] +OK 4 301259
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] UIDL
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] uidl list given for 4 messages
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] LIST
[2015.04.10] 12:29:51 [user's IP][3022943] list response given with 4 messages.
[2015.04.10] 12:29:52 [user's IP][3022943] RETR 4
[2015.04.10] 12:29:53 [user's IP][3022943] retr completed for message 4
[2015.04.10] 12:30:02 [user's IP][3022943] NOOP
[2015.04.10] 12:30:04 [user's IP][3022943] RETR 3
[2015.04.10] 12:30:05 [user's IP][3022943] retr completed for message 3
[2015.04.10] 12:30:10 [user's IP][3022943] RETR 2
[2015.04.10] 12:30:10 [user's IP][3022943] retr completed for message 2
[2015.04.10] 12:35:12 [user's IP][3022943] -ERR Session timeout, OK POP Server signing off
[2015.04.10] 12:35:12 [user's IP][3022943] disconnected at 4/10/2015 12:35:12 PM

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Employee Replied
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Hello Dean,
Thanks for the information. Can you please confirm what the timeout session is set to in the POP protocols ?  The screen capture indicates about 5 minutes.
Settings | Protocol Settings | POP tab. The default I believe is 5 minutes. Try increasing this to 10 minutes if there mailbox is larger. If that does not work see if you can confirm if there is any attachments or server connection issues with the provider.
Dean Lawrence Replied
Hi Joe, Thanks for replying. Yes, the POP timeout was set at the default 5 minutes. I just changed it to 10 minutes and will see if that helps at all. His inbox is not very large, under 30 messages, most of which are under 20k. The largest message is just under half a MB. Hopefully, the increased timeout will correct the issue.
Atif Atif Replied
tifSo we've been struggling moving our most recently customer over from Exchange to SM. Right now, battling trying to import calendar items. After setting up the new customer account (with ActiveSync) and Outlook 2013, we're trying to import their calendar PST in their mailbox manually. And we get this:
CCWH Replied
Dean, try testing the mailbox using a different mail client app. We've seen this before when the local mail client files are corrupt in some way.
Dean Lawrence Replied
Joe, I did update the timeout to 10 minutes, but I am still seeing the timeout messages in the logs. I also just got a call from my client telling me that they are still having issues as well.
Dean Lawrence Replied
Ok, quick follow-up. I just got off the phone with the client and they have someone looking at their computer. It appears that something was spiking their processor usage to 100% and causing everything to run slowly. I think the timeouts that I am seeing in the log file is due to Outlook not sending the final receipt command to the server and Smartermail was just cleaning up what it saw as a dead connection. Does this sound right, Joe?

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