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Question asked by Robbie Wright - 4/10/2015 at 10:25 AM
So we've been struggling moving our most recently customer over from Exchange to SM. Right now, battling trying to import calendar items. After setting up the new customer account (with ActiveSync) and Outlook 2013, we're trying to import their calendar PST in their mailbox manually. And we get this:
We've tried import both a CSV of the calendar items and a PST with no luck. Is the simple answer that we cannot import any calendar items into SM? Cause that's an issue. I'm also trying to find a way to add an attachment to a calendar item but can't seem to. Is that not an option?

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Hello Robbie,
Thanks for the information. At this time, you are not able to add attachments to the calendar events. This would be a feature requests for the application.
Are you trying to bring over events using ActiveSync or IMAP connections ? You may want to try to use the IMAP account first and then move over the details.  Once you make the connection to ActiveSync it will look for the account details within the SmarterMail calendar and not from Outlook.
Robbie Wright Replied
Joseph, can you get that feature request down for me? Attachment to calendar items? We have a lot of customers using that functionality for Exchange and I feel like this is yet another thing that SM can't do while claiming to be a replacement for Exchange. We are setup using ActiveSync as that's really the best and most reliable way to get Outlook to be happy. IMAP doesn't do calendaring so I'm not sure how you'd sync a calendar like that.

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