Percentage mailbox size user notification
Question asked by Ingens Networks - 4/9/2015 at 11:51 AM
 Hello to all,
We want to configure in our SmarterMail 11.7, a notification to notify users when they reach 50% of user disk usage.
We tried to configure an event with the configuration that you can see in next screenshots. We send some messages to an account that only have 1MB of user disk and nothing happens...
Thanks in advance.

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
I will go ahead and test this on my end using SmarterMail 13.x. I was not able to see the event notification being sent out either. I will test and see if this is a known issue.
CCWH Replied
See this thread: http://portal.smartertools.com/community/a1003/event-is-not-triggered-in-case-of-user-disk-space-used-between-75-and-95.aspx It's something we had an issue with but using the settings in the screenshots I have provided work for us...
messaging solutions Replied
I have the same problem in SmarterMail 13.x. did you find a solution for this?
joey Replied
It is  October 2015 and I just added an event similar to the one mentioned in this post. It is working actually too well! lol
It is also sending these events to "Disabled" users. Anyone know anyway to disable events going to disabled users? You would think that would be logical for it not to even look at disabled users but it does and as the ADMIN I am getting a ton of emails since their accounts are disabled and mail has been not allowed. No forwarding, no SMTP, nothing and it is still doing it. HELP?

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