Export a List of All Global Tickets to Excel
Idea shared by James Gough - 4/9/2015 at 3:54 AM
I am wanting to view or export a complete list of tickets that are displayed on the screen. Is this possible out of the box and if so, how do I complete this task?

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Hello James,
Thanks for the inquiry. I'm sorry that this is not a current function of the application at this time. You may want to look into creating a script or process to perform this. You can use our API web services for obtaining a count of tickets for specific agents or groups.  You can also obtain individual ticket details.
Hello, Not sure of your skill level but since SmarterTrack runs on SQL you can create detailed reports with and ODBC connection. Like MS access or .Net. That's how I do it. 
Not sure why canned ticket detail is lacking in the reports tab since in most cases the managers in a company want details more than just numbers.

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