Compose area in shows html source when responding or forwarding message
Problem reported by Joseph Cardoza - 4/2/2015 at 10:30 PM
Not A Problem
I am running Windows7 with IE7.
My messages show in HTML but when I respond or forward a message, the compose/edit window shows the original message in plain text with all the html tags.
When I send a message, the message body removes line breaks and strings the entire message in one long string.
I have used the context menu to 'inspect element' and get the error 'TelerikNamespace' is undefined
Please fix

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At this time we do not support IE 7.  Supported browsers can be found here: http://help.smartertools.com/SmarterMail/v13/Topics/General/Browsers.aspx
You will need to update your current version or use a different browser.

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