How to export email?
Question asked by Randy Ford - 3/30/2015 at 1:52 PM
I have a large client, division of Hitachi that is moving their email away from us to Outlook 365.  Is there any way to export all of the users email?  We are running smartermail 10.7

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Employee Replied
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Hello Randy,
You may suggest that they setup forwarding the new email account or possibly allow then to use a Microsoft utility that will convert / migrate their emails.  You can have them setup the new account in Outlook as an IMAP account and move over the .PST files or move emails from one folder to another.
Troy Thomas Replied
Randy - thanks for posting this.
We are going to try to use a hosted service to migrate email. The URL is MigrationWiz.com. So for it looks like the only way to migrate email is to use IMAP if we use their service. We may have to also reset everyone's password in order to do that. We are also going to want to export all email from the mailboxes into PST files so that we can ingest it into our email archiving service too. Any other ideas on the best way to accomplish both of these would be greatly appreciated.

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