Editing contact categories on a shared contact list
Question asked by Ed Myers - 8/26/2014 at 5:18 PM
Hi Smartermail Gurus! 
We're trying to figure out why we can't see the categories tab or master categories button when editing individual contacts on an attached shared contact list for which the user has full control. We're using smartermail enterprise version 12.1.
Is this a bug? A "feature"? Or something that could be added in a future release?
It's something we very much could use. Please help!

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Ed, thanks for posting this question.  Each user has their own master categories.  If you have shared your contacts with someone else, adding/changing/removing master categories or selecting which category a contact follows under introduces a lot of complexity.  Whose master category list would you be affecting?  Or which master category would you show?  So in essence this was a deliberate decision to exclude from shared contacts.
However, how would you like to see this implemented if we did include it?  Would you see the master category of the shared user?  Obviously, privacy issues could arise if their categories were visible.  What are your insights and feelings?

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