Exchange Active Sync Outlook Users cannot use Follow Up icon like they were used to doing with POP3 or Exchange accounts
Idea shared by Marc Winger - 3/24/2015 at 10:38 AM
Under Consideration
Can SmarterMail (when using Exchange Active Sync), make use of the icon in Outlook labeled "Follow Up"? Exchange users and POP3 users are used to being able to specify a date when they want to follow up. (i.e. Follow Up -> Today, Tomorrow, This Week, Next Week, No Date, Custom).
Follow up options with MS Exchange or POP3 accounts
Follow Up options with MS Exchange or POP3 accounts:
Follow Up options with SmarterMail EAS or IMAP:
Follow Up options with SmarterMail EAS or IMAP:

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He states Exchange Active Sync not IMAP.
In my followup drop down I just have a flag option.
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Marc, thank you for bringing this up.  The IMAP RFC does not specify follow-up flags anywhere in the specification. This is more than likely a extension that Microsoft included in Outlook outside the original RFC specs.  EAS does specify additional fields that SM currently does nothing with, namely, the start and end dates/times.  This is not a bug.  However, I can see the value of adding such functionality.  I am changing this from a Problem to an Idea thread and adding it to our features request list for further discussion by the dev. team.
I'd also like to add another problem with this. When i use active-sync, I have flag and clear flag under follow-up. The problem is if I click on the flag next to email, i have 3 states. Unflagged, flagged and complete. When complete syncs to server, it becomes flagged. I have a user who tracked her emails using that method, and has had a bunch of problems because of it. I guess Microsoft is to blame here(Since I don't think they should allow different flags if they aren't in follow-up), but it would still be nice if you could implement at least 3 flags.
It seems to be an old thread but some of our clients are also complaining about this flag issue as they are used to default Outlook flagging behavior as shown in the first thread. Are you still thinking about to implement this feature? It seems to be two years. Isn't it a long time to think about it?

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