SM RAM Resource Hogging
Problem reported by CCWH - 3/24/2015 at 8:33 AM
Hello all,
I have read this a few times on these threads but for some reason this seems to be still an issue.
We have been using SM since v7.  Gone through all of the versions, however, since SM 12 (I think!) we have had an issue whereby SM will just eat more and more RAM the longer the server is left up.  On one server we will see the RAM usage go from 300MB to 800MB within a few days with the exact same usage...the worrying thing is when then the server is not being used (through the night) it might drop to 750MB ish but never drops back to anything lower...until we restart the server for some other maintenance and it will then happily use 350MB for a week....then it will start to creep up again.
I understand that 800MB is not much RAM...the issue is that SM seems to keep the RAM and not release it.  That seems to be pretty bad practice and a potential bug/RAM leak?
The overall issue is simply that no matter what usage the Email Server gets SM will just increase it's RAM usage.
Just to note, this is on a 2008 R2 OS.  We have a test server running 2012 and I cannot get that to have the same issue....however I will be moving some domains onto it for real world testing shortly so hopefully that will show any issues.

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CCWH Replied
I am REALLY surprised no one else has commented on this issue....have have now seen this recreated with multiple SM servers.
Is this an ongoing bug with SM?
Matthew Titley Replied
This really doesn't directly address your issue but I suspect that this is just normal operation in concert with Windows 2008. Jeez, I just opened task manager on my desktop and my FireFox process, alone, is eating up 1.2 GB of memory with eight tabs open! Any production SM server is handling countless concurrent operations and connections all well below 1 GB of memory usage. Sounds pretty darn efficient in my book, all considering.
As you pointed out though, on my 2012 R2 server, memory usage hovers around 330 MB for mailservice.exe and another 250 MB for clamd.exe.
Matt Petty Replied
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Chrome and (I think) Firefox will chew up extra RAM for various performance increases. They will use as much as they want until the system starts getting low at which point they will reduce their RAM, no problem at all. This is actually a cool feature, it gives you better performance by using the extra RAM your computer doesn't need.
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