Allowing users to Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down an article for helpfulness
Idea shared by Antonio King - 3/23/2015 at 10:00 PM
Will there ever be an option for customers to thumbs up/thumbs down or use a star rating system to rate an article for its helpfulness? As of now, I only see the option for users to leave comments. This isn't always necessary. The simple ability to tell us if the article was helpful or not via a yes/no format would do a couple of things:
Enable the consumer to leave relevant feedback: Ultimately, what we, the company, want to know is at the end of the day, was that FAQ helpful? Having to weed through feedback that may not even be relevant doesn't help us get the point blank answer we're after.
Allows users to leave the appropriate feedback without mandating registration: Consumers shouldn't have to jump through hoops to leave feedback. We're soliciting it, so the process should be as easy as possible. Instead, it's made daunting and time consuming since the consumer has to currently register to do it. 
Allows the company to make faster decisions and changes: If we have to sift through thousands of UGC, we risk the inefficient means of not solving a problem faster. One of the points of CRM solutions is to help us solve tomorrow's problem. Having to sift through comments to determine if an article was helpful doesn't help us solve tomorrow's problem - it delays it. With direct data like what I'm proposing, we can clearly identify which articles are helpful, and which are not putting us in better positions to make more informed changes.

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Any other feedback on this idea?
Great ideas!
Will bump this again. Zendesk can do this, so I imagine it's fairly easy. 
Tim Uzzanti Replied
Employee Post
It is a good suggestion and will be added shortly.  It may make it into a minor or the next major depending on where it fits into the development schedule.
Thanks for the feedback,
Tim Uzzanti CEO SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Much appreciated on the response, Tim. 

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