Email Address showing up as N/A in portal when logged in as an Employee
Problem reported by VIP SUPPORTAL - August 26, 2014 at 7:12 AM
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Logging into my primary portal the email address is listed as "N/A". How can I fix this?

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          I have not seen this before. Hmm.. A few things to check/try:
1.Check to make sure your email address is filled in My Settings and is not N/A.
2.If it is you may have to change it in the management interface.
3.If it is correctly filled out, try to clear your browser cache and navigate back to the site. 
4.Any strange characters or spaces in your email address?
5.Try re-saving your email address.
If these do not work and you have your email correctly filled out can you recreate this?
1.What is your permission (unverified email user, user, employee, amin?)
2.Is this multiple users or only one?
3.What version are you on?
4.What browser are you using?
Hope this helps!
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This is happening because we don't allow employees to change their email from the portal. You will have to go to the management interface and change it.  There is also a setting in the management interface in Settings ->System Settings -> Portal -> Portal Settings that is 'Enable users to change email address' make sure this is checked if you want your users to be able to change their email
Partially Solved. The NA is fixed, however, no verification email arrives. See my other tickets. Checked SPAM, checked filters, checked allowed, receive emails with the exception of new user information and user account information.
May be marked as solved. SMTP error.

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