How to send email to a user that is also forwarding their mail to you
Question asked by Ben Barrett - 8/25/2014 at 4:15 PM
I have two users with two email accounts, and both of their accounts also forward a copy of their received email to a third account.
Generally this third account is used as a 'read only' account in specific situations, but sometimes we want to send mail from this third account back to one of the two original users.
SmarterMail doesn't seem to deliver mail sent from this third account to one of the first two, and I assume it is because SmarterMail may think this third account belongs to one of the first two.
Is this intended functionality, or did I not configure something?  Is there a better way I should be handling my situation?
How can I send mail from this third account, back to one of the emails that are forwarding?
There are no error messages, and this third account is able to send email to other users within and outside the domain.

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Ben, thank you for posting your question.  I set up three test accounts.  I created an even in the first two accounts to forward a copy of their received messages to the third account.  I then sent to message from the third account to the first two.  The messages were received.  I could not successfully duplicate this issue.
If the problem persists, I recommend that you open a support ticket and provide additional information.

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