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Problem reported by Nicolas Le Merle - March 15, 2015 at 10:24 AM
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Hi Guys,
I have found that when you have activated an Active Sync licence, ALL domain admins have the option to freely enable ActiveSync on their mailbox users. Even when you have disabled the 'ActiveSync User Management' feature, domain admins can simple click on an individual user and tick the 'Enable ActiveSync' checkbox.
The best way to combat this I have found is to set the 'ActiveSync Accounts' limit to 1 and that way the domain admin can only claim a maximum of 1 free ActiveSync mailbox and when you eventually find out that its been activated it you can delete from admin panel, at which point it can just be re ticked by the domain admin and we then have an infinite loop.
Please can this be fixed, or if i'm not understanding correctly please advise :)

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Robert Emmett Replied
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With "Enable ActiveSync User Management" unchecked under features, were you then impersonating as a domain admin?  If so, you would still be able to see the "Enable ActiveSync" checkbox.  This is because you have elevated permissions as a system admin.
If you log in as a domain admin, you should not be able to see that checkbox.
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