When adding a YOUTUBE Video, It shows when creating the thread, but once created it no longer shows.
Problem reported by Henry Timmes - August 25, 2014 at 12:22 PM
I added a You Tube video by clicking the "More" button then the "Embed Media Content" the video showed in the editor then I clicked "Create Thread" and now the video is no longer showing in the thread. 

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Actually I don't think any HTML works or like BOLD or Colors.
This is a test.. 
Derek Curtis Replied
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Hi, Henry. I was able to replicate this so I will pass it along to the developers. You CAN embed a video - I used a YouTube video as well - in the reply, but you're right: it doesn't show when you actually post the reply. Thanks for pointing it out.
Derek Curtis
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This was fixed in for the 'create thread' a while ago. We did find a issue for other scenarios such as editing a reply as well that has been fixed in the upcoming version 12x.
Thank you for your feedback,

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