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Question asked by Richard Frank - 3/13/2015 at 7:40 AM
a customer of mine used to use pop3 for her mailbox. I added an extra account in her outlook profile with imap protocol and then moved all the folders and mail from the pop3 account to the imap account.
That all went well, there is now 2.5GB of mail in her box. All mail was synched overnight.
But then when I tested the mailbox sending a mail to her address the mail took ages to arive in the mailbox. Sometimes the same mail was delivered multiple times.
outlook 2013 windows 7 32 bit. internet connection 10mb fiber.
I haven't heared other customers of mine about this problem.
I also enabled active sync on the account, for her samsung Phone but after the account was created the mail did not appear on the Phone.
should i recreate her mailbox on the server and see what happens?

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Hello Frank,
Thanks for the inquiry.  Please confirm if you have removed the Outlook profile for the user and only have the IMAP account connection ?  I would try to re-add the account in Outlook and also confirm what the webmail displays. As a precaution, prior to removing any accounts, always make a backup of the email files / folders for the email client and SmarterMail.

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