Smartertrack - email event trigger
Question asked by Darrin Domoney - 3/12/2015 at 10:47 PM
We are just moving over from Kayako as our primary helpdesk product and have noticed one issue
in replicating our existing workflow.
In Kayako we have trained our end user community to submit emails with the subject line formatted as
911 - some issue description
in the event they need to submit tickets needing urgent resolution. In Kayako the email parser reading 
the subject line automatically sets the ticket priority and sends out a broadcast email to all support staff
to alert us to the issue.
Is there a way to replicate this functionality in Smartertrack ?? If so how ??

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Darrin Domoney Replied
Ok - After some playing around I have figured this out and tested as replicating our functionality. Here are my steps: 1) Create a new system event (our is titled - 911 ticket created) * event type = ticket created * subject = contains 911 2) Save the event 3) Create two system event actions * set ticket priority = urgent * send email (once per item) * we changed the send from email address to match our support email address * we send the email to a mailing list that includes all our support staff (easier administration)

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