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Idea shared by Nicolas Le Merle - 3/12/2015 at 9:35 AM
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I often have users asking me "how will I ever get my emails from my computer into SmarterMail". Yup I know you can IMAP them but how cool would it be to just export from Outlook (or whatever) to .pst and then from your SmarterMail client, import them!

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I have seen another thread similar to this.  It would be great to see an import .pst feature, however the issue that you will face is that if you want to have a feature that imports from the SmarterMail Webmail (which is what I guess you mean from the 'SmarterMail client') then you will have issues with timeouts for import data on the email server.  You could change the IIS settings for timeouts but unsure what else that could be done.
Yeah something through the web interface is probably not feasible. However a conversion utility may be possible?
Hmm yes timeouts would be a concern, good point! What about setting a file size upload limit to accommodate smaller .pst imports and larger mailboxes will just have to IMAP.
We had a bit of software once that ran part locally and part on a web server for frontend access.  It had a facility to create a secure connection from the local host to the web server, upload the files and the web server software then imported the data.  In essence like a manual FTP up to the server and then a manual import from the server....but all automated.
So, may thinking, if there were some tool created that could convert then transfer to SM and then SM import....even if the tool asked certain details such as email account / password etc. so the import could take place and the configuration could be imported by SM.
I think that's really the only way this is going to happy apart from a manual .pst conversion tool....but then we have the issue that it might convert the emails but not config.  Probably losing date stamps etc.  Saying that though, we have used a few .pst conversion tools when going back and forth from Mac to Windows so cannot see any reason why there can't be one from .pst to SM require format/folder structure then all we would need to do is manually FTP to the Domains folder after creating the blank mailbox.
Would definitely help if there was some sort of PST import.
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I've added this to our list for discussion. Apart from this thread, our sales team get this same question a couple of times a month. 
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