Moving IMAP accounts / emails from another server to SmarterMail
Question asked by Michael Muller - 3/11/2015 at 11:23 AM
For the past decade or so I have been hosting email only as POP3, which has always been easy to move clients around. They download all email and remove from the server, so there's very rarely any mail on the old server to move to mine.
Now, with my newest server, I am finally able to host IMAP accounts, and of course suddenly I have a bunch of new clients who have IMAP accounts at their old hosts. The problem now, of course, is getting all that mail onto my server.
What I have been doing so far is setting up a second account in their client program, ie; Outlook, and copying folders and emails from the old email account to the new email account, which forces Outlook to push the mail up onto my server.
There has to be a better way.
Is there a tool out there, or something built-in to SmarterMail that I haven't found yet, that allows me to enter a un/pw/IP for an account and SM will just pull all email over for me? Server to server, this should happen very quickly.
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Mike Roe Replied
I used a program called imap tools. I did 150 users with over 600GB of data. Rick was awesome for support and the price is great. I would recommend that program to do this. This was done from 150 gmail accounts which was not fun.
Employee Replied
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Hello Michael,
Thanks for the information. I'm not certain that you would like to use the IMAP / POP retrieval feature within SmarterMail. This is widely used amongst our users that have another email client or provider that they want to sync their mail over to their SmarterMail account. You can enable the feature and then once all of the messages have been brought over you can disable the feature.
Robbie Wright Replied
SmarterMail provides this in the application:
It works ok. It is a fire and forget type of thing, can't get interrupted during the import, can't delineate duplicate items, etc, etc. For small mailboxes, it works great.
Most of the time we use MigrationWiz. Much, much more feature rich, but you also pay $12/mailbox to move it. But, when moving a large amount of clients over from Exchange to SM or even from IMAP to SM, it works great. One million times better than touching every users Outlook, using powershell to dump PST from Exchange, etc, etc.
Michael Muller Replied
The other problem with using the IMAP retrieval feature within SmarterMail is that if there's a problem, say, retrieving from GoDaddy's servers via IMAP, which simply doesn't work, the process hangs and you can't ever use the feature again until you reboot the server. Simply restarting SM doesn't do it, as it's a hung process elsewhere. That would be a nice feature, detecting that the process is hung, or being able to kill it manually from within the interface.
In any case, I'm typically only moving over one or two clients these days. If I were to have to move more than that I'd likely try Rick's IMAP move tool.
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