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Problem reported by WebControl GmbH - 8/25/2014 at 1:30 AM
Hello Guys,
since our last update to SmarterMail Enterprise 12.3.5318 we are facing this issue.
When we login to smartermail as an admin and navigating to "Domains" to magange them we see on the right side some informations telated to the selected Domain, like "Details", "Throttling", "Features"... and "Statistics".
Normaly under "Statistics" would stand how much Users are already created and what the limit is.
But now we see here:
Users: <span class='important'>[@FormattedOf]</span>
Aliases: <span class='important'>[@FormattedOf]</span>
Mailing Lists: <span class='important'>[@FormattedOf]</span>
Size: Unlimited
File Storage: Unlimited
Domain Aliases: <span class='important'>[@FormattedOf]</span>
Max Message Size: 153600 KB
Any clue on what is going wrong?
One more confusing issue you see when you qlick on "Edit" for a domain and let you dispay the features...
[_] File Storage
[_] [@GoogleDriveIntegration]
[_] IMAP Retrieval
... bring this point
on your focus.
I dont know where to have a look. Anyone any idea?

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Employee Replied
Employee Post
I was able to duplicate the problem.  The localization files are missing a couple of fields (namely, "@FormattedOf" and "@GoogleDriveIntegration").  When you performed the update did you copy over the translation files?
WebControl GmbH Replied
Hello Robert,
thanks that was the solution!
But it seems to happen every day ( "en.xml" seems to be curruped - happend 2 times).. we'll have a look on this and if that happens again there is another issue....

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