Delivery delays / spool backups for the last few months
Question asked by CCC - March 9, 2015 at 9:13 AM
We have seen spool backups happening more often for the last few months, restarting the smarter mail services and local DNS server seems to flush things through.  Seems to happen about once a week, sometimes more.
I realize this can indicate many different things (DNS issues, slow RBL, etc).  That said, there are a few similar threads in the forums.
It looks like switching to Google DNS has been a common troubleshooting step, however in production that could wreak havoc with some RBLs so its not a long term solution. 
Has anyone else been seeing an increase in this type of issue on SmarterMail v13?  We are running the latest (13.2.5511)
I'm not positive if the symptoms coincide with upgrading to 13.x, but that's a possibility.
Thanks in advance

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I am having the same issue with SM14, the service seems to stop sending mails, if you restart the service the mail deliveries work fine, it seems when there is a large amount of mails sent to the server, ie 30k over an hour the system freezes.
When we were using 13 this issue hardly occurred.
Did anything ever become of any of this? We are on the latest version of SM (15) and have the same issue at least one a week when we get a large influx of spam within a short amount of time. Everything just stops until we stop and start the SmarterMail service.
What are you system specs?  
My feelings are you are either bottlenecking at the disc or memory.  If your memory usage ( total system) is over 50% , upgrade your memory.  If you are on regular hard disks, upgrade to SSDs.
We havent had this problem in quite some time.  We moved to Cyren AntiSpam a few weeks later so I suspect the issue could have been related to RBL preformance and or a 3rd party Spam Assassin tool we were using previously.
Have you tried looking at your RBLs and/or remote spam assasin servers (if any) making sure that none of them are timing out? 

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