Support Multiple Email Accounts from Web Mail (drop down account selector)
Idea shared by Neal Culiner - 3/7/2015 at 6:03 PM
Every email client desktop or mobile supports multiple accounts.  I'd like to have the same capability from the web mail by having a single login then the ability to add accounts.  Many of us maintain multiple accounts such as sales, support, personal, etc.  Presently we have to login, use the client, logout and login as another account, etc.  I'd like to register multiple accounts in my web client so that I can choose between accounts either from a list that floats from a dock panel on the left or from a drop down in the upper left or right, etc.  Think of it like SQL Server Management Studio as well for those familiar where you can register multiple servers.
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I second this. Our call center staff has to monitor multiple accounts and we liked how Google Apps allowed this. Having to use multiple browsers isn't great for workflow. Allowing multiple sessions in a single browser would be great.

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