Outlook 2013 Calendar can't add attendees
Problem reported by Wilson Aycho - March 5, 2015 at 12:22 PM
Hi, I'm using SM 13.3 with Outlook 2013. Is it possible to add attendees to my meeting appointment in SM calendar from Outlook?
I can do it from SM web interface calendar, I can also do it in my local Outlook calendar.
Any help will be appreciated.

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Hello Wilson,
Thanks for the inquiry. Can you please confirm if you see the 'Invite Attendees' in the Outlook interface ? I chose that option and can submit to the individuals on my contact list.  Please note, I'm connected to Outlook using ActiveSync for my protocol.  Do you not have the option for inviting Attendees ?
I forgot to mention that my account is on the ActiveSync Mailboxes list.
Joe, Any Idea on how to fix this?
Hi Guys.
Also having this issue with Add to outlook on outlook 2013, any help appreciated guys.
Okay, I guess this issue is not getting resolved. SM did not create the Outlook connector therefor can't fix it.
I was hoping they create their own, after all, this is an important function of Outlook Cal.
Mac mail or Iphone calendar do not show any way to add invitees either... I have reported this so many times and I have never had any answer from Smartertools... :(  Blah!  

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