All day events not showing in Outlook 2013 calendar
Problem reported by Shane Hollis - 3/4/2015 at 7:47 PM
We have a client who uses Office 2013. THey have an individual calendar for each user and also one calendar (calendar@domain.tld)  which is for shared work.
The user has connected to the calendar by logging in as calendar@domain.tld, clicking show in Outlook and connecting it to his outlook calendar. 
He is only seeing one type of appointment in outlook 2013. sometimes users create entries with no times and with All DAy Event ticked by default, other times they make times and data and turn off all day event. Only the latter type show in outlook 2013. They do show on the web calendar and they do show on the iPhones but not in Outlook 2013.
I connected using Outlook 2010 and it worked beautifully. 
Any thoughts?

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Shane, is the client connecting to Outlook 2013 via ActiveSync or Add to Outlook? Also, are you running the latest version of SM?  If your client is using EAS, and he is willing, see if he is willing to remove the account from Outlook then re-add it.  If not, you may want to open a support ticket so that we can look at this actual calendar file.  If it is determined to be a bug, your ticket would be refunded.

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