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Question asked by John Marx - 8/22/2014 at 11:11 AM
This change if I don't get what I am used to using will stop me from using the forums. I need, so as not to waste my time, and certain others will have more than myself.
  1. See all unread posts via a simple one click
  2. Mark all posts I am not interested in as read so they don't show
  3. Easily filter on the product(s) I own/am interested i at the moment (e.g. SmarterMail)
  4. Hold Ctrl+and click to open in a new tab and also mark the message as read so that I don't see it in the unread when I come back
  5. Additionally
    1. Still have the "Resources" of sample source code and hopefully be expanded with newer source code samples for those of us that would benefit from it.
    2. Are we going to be able to tag items as feature requests, bugs for the system to fix?
    3. Are we going to receive notifications to our posts (e.g. subscribe)?
I can say, personally, without the first four items I will no longer be using the forums. I can say there is a "potential" for this to be an improvement but not at the expense of losing features we use.

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Thank you for these suggestions. If you would be willing to enter each of these items as their own threads under smarterTrack. I understand that it may be a little annoying, but having them separated will help us. Doing these things will allow other customers to be able to vote on what they want to see as well and help us prioritize the items in an order of implementation. I would also like to point out that there is a functionality for your number three items in place. If you register your email, you can subscribe to certain topics or post. When there is a new post for one of your subscriptions, you will be emailed what has changed, as well as a link to the post.
Tim Uzzanti Replied
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Much of what you were looking for has recently been added to the Community.
Read/Unread with the ability to mark the entire community as read
When you view threads that have changed (new replies and comments), anything new in the thread is highlighted making it SO easy!
We now send emails that notify you of all threads that have changed that you are subscribed to.
We now send emails to notify you of comments made by others on your replies.
We now maintain the search criteria, view and page of results you were on when you go back and forth from reading threads or if you visit other parts of the portal
The entire system is based on Ideas, Problem, Questions etc.  If you look around you will already see dozens of Ideas and Problems from customers that have been discussed and resolved in our products all from the Community participation.  Its been working out amazingly well.
There are a couple other dozen changes that we have made since we marked the forums read-only.  We have gotten incredible feedback which is what we were looking for and dedicated resources to work on that feedback.
Tim Uzzanti
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278

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