ActiveSync - Task Bug Found
Problem reported by Nicolas Le Merle - 3/3/2015 at 12:25 PM
Hi Guys,
Found a possible bug please can you test and confirm.
Task not being deleted from server calendar (Tested on Galaxy S iii)
Steps to reproduce:
  1. Create task on on mobile device and wait a few seconds for it to sync to the server
  2. Delete the task from mobile, notice the task is deleted from server & mobile
  3. Browse to calendar from server / webmail and the task is still shown in calendar view and displays 'failed to load item' when trying to open it.

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Hello Nicolas,
Thanks for alerting us of a potential issue. Please let me know if you observed the same behavior on any other devices. What is the Android OS?  I have a Galaxy Note II that I can test against. I'm using 4.4.2x OS.  Please submit any ActiveSync logs that illustrate the details on the account.
Nicolas Le Merle Replied
This is still an issue! Deleted a calendar item on my iPhone, the item is still in web mail but when you attempt to open it the following error is returned: "Failed to load the specified appointment."
SmarterMail Version - 13.3.5535
Bruce Barnes Replied
Nicolas:  Everyone understands your frustration with the issue you have presented.
In order to troubleshoot this, SmarterMail needs the specifics about the phone and operating system version, IE:
What is the exact phone model?  This can be found by going into the Android operating system and checking under ABOUT DEVICE.  If you can provide a screen shot of the ABOUT DEVICE screen to them, it will be even more helpful in resolving this issue.
They also need to know which version of the Android operating system you are running, which is also contained on that screen.
Knowing who your CARRIER is might be of some help, too.
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