Script based email quit working after upgrade
Problem reported by Michael Barber - 3/2/2015 at 4:45 PM
It appears that after upgrading our Smartermail from ver. 4 to ver. 12, all of our script based email stopped working.  The new log viewing engine for ver. 12 is really inferior to just being able to see the logs because it leaves you "not believing" your search algorithm.  In fact, if you do a search leaving the search string blank it still shows you nothing....exactly how to search for "EVERYTHING" and show the whole log?
Anyway, we are not finding any errors anywhere.  Nothing shows up in the spool and if we search the error log for the sending email address or the final email we are not seeing anything.

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Steve Reid Replied
Make sure your logs are set to detailed then check them directly in the file system.
Michael Barber Replied
Ok, I got the other issue fixed. So there are still file based logs somewhere...good to know. Are there settings to how big they are getting? You use to could set when they were purged deleted and had a fixed size that wasn't so big you couldn't open them.

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