I would like to be able to send other members of the community Private Messages
Idea shared by Henry Timmes - 8/22/2014 at 8:00 AM
A lot of times people start Private messages with one another, this fosters communication and allows people to seek help and advice without the information being publically available. We used to be able to do that in the old forums, how do we do that in the new forum?
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Why are we being forced to "change" to a new technology that removes functionality? I know I have had less than a handful of private but they have been very useful. 
Additionally, I normally open tabs of the messages that I am interested in and then mark the rest as read. Am I going to be able to do this as well?
EDIT:  In the interest of not starting a war with SmarterTools, I have deleted my original post, which was a response to another post, in this same thread, which has also been deleted.
This does not mean I have changed my mind and I will re-post, as originally written, in the Moderator's forum for further discussion.
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Tim Uzzanti Replied
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First, I am a disappointed in Bruce's unprofessional response as he is a Moderator.  Moderators are privy to a bit more information.  We provide our Moderators an area to discuss things directly with us so that they are fully informed and can provide feedback and spark changes before the public may see things.  I expect him to revise his post and be a bit more professional.

1) This is not a Forums solution but it does have functionality to allow for that method of communication via the Q&A discussion types.

2) What the SmarterTools Community is primality intended to provide is a solution for the 200+ SUGGESTIONS AND BUGS that are sent privately to us each month.  Customers have requested from the moment we provided the public forums that we also provide ability to publicly Discuss and Vote on SUGGESTIONS AND BUGS.  Customer didn't feel like we were prioritizing based on demand and wanted to feel like they were part of the development process.  

3) The most requested feature by SmarterTrack customers was a Community.  Instead of finding a solution for us to use and leaving our SmarterTrack customers without, we took it upon ourselves to tackle the VERY ambitious effort of building an integrated FORUMS, VOTING and overall COMMUNICATIONS platform.  And as we do with all our products, we attempt to use all the functionality in our products so that we can build the VERY best products!


Are there missing features compared to the forums that we intend to incorporate?  Of Course!

Are we looking for feedback and would like these SUGGESTIONS to be put added into this Community as separate threads so customers can Vote on them?  Yes!

Does the Community already provide functionality the Forums doesn't provide?  Yes

Are we determined to make the Community feature incredible?  Heck Yea!


There is a LOT of GOOD about everything we are doing.  We look forward to your feedback and we look forward to building an incredible solution!




Tim Uzzanti

Tim Uzzanti CEO SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
This is a badly needed feature, especially for things that people do not want to post publicly for security reasons.
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I wanted to give a quick update to this thread to let you know that private messaging and user profiles will be coming to the Community in the upcoming major release. Stay tuned for the BETA! 

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