Aliases/Identities in SmarterMail Webmail?
Question asked by W. T. Leaver - 2/28/2015 at 8:22 AM
I have a client who wishes to send email from the SmarterMail webmail interface using an alias as the from address. Is this possible at all? I know if you have one or more domain aliases those become available to select between when sending outbound email, but suppose you have regular aliases such as sales, info, etc. and you want to be able to send outbound with those aliases in the from address using webmail?

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Hello Troy,
Sorry, you are not able to have the aliases as the From address. Aliases are primarily used to be configured for individuals to send to those addresses which have an email address associated to them.  You are not able to log in with aliases or manage the settings. I would suggest you can create an alias name such as 'sales, info, or support' and then have individuals send to that address. You may want to include that in your online publication or materials so that the mailbox actually gets sent the messages and the alias is used.
Thank You.
W. T. Leaver Replied
Thanks for the response! However, it is fairly common that an alias such as "sales" is used, and the person receiving those emails would like a reply to be sent from sales as well. That cannot be done using the webmail interface currently. Some email clients or webmail clients will automatically set the from address to match the to address on the received email. That would be a nice optional feature to have.
Andrea Free Replied
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Hi Troy,
We are currently reviewing this functionality for addition in the SmarterMail 16 release. 

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


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