UTC +1 wrong date with german settings
Problem reported by mark - February 28, 2015 at 2:47 AM
If I add a task for every year in Webmail-Smartermail. The task is 1 day later. In Webmail I can see the task 1 day later. On Phone or tablet the task is show correct (Exchange Active Sync).
I use timzone (UTC +1) German settings. SM  13.3.5535.
The settings on Server, Computer and Smartermal are the same (UTC +1).
When I use UTC +0 the Task is correct in Webmail. Is this a bug?

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Hi there,
seems to be a similar problem with the birthdates in contacts: If I add or change a birthday via iPhone and sync, it is -1 day. I'm using smartermail 13.3.5535 and UTC +1 (Germany)
See similar thread 'Birthday changes...'
Thanks for any help.
I think we are seeing a similar issue. This is what we are seeing:
I did an entry of a re-occurring appointment, board meetings.  I tried the "third" of each day: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.  Every one was recorded the day before on my smarter-mail calendar.
Most interesting part:  I sync the calendar to my iPhone.  On the iPhone calendar the board meetings post correctly.
Anyone know why this could be happening?
As this is clearly a bug, One of you should submit a support ticket so Smartertools can get all the info they need to fix this asap.
These kind of obvious bugs are prime candidates for support tickets. Because if it's a bug the ticket is refunded.
I already submitted a support-ticket in 2013: [16E-18D73F17-0A2E].
Robert Emmett Replied
Employee Post
Mark and Ronald, please contact our support for custom build 13.3.5556.  This should fix the Webmail calendaring issues.
Robert Emmett
Software Developer
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Thank you for the information.
For there is no way for me to contact the support without a ticket (at least I didn´t find a way), it would be nice, if the support contacts me via email.
Employee Replied
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We have a custom build that should resolve this issue.  If you can send and email to sales@smartertools.com we will be able to send you this build.  You can put it to my attention Brian.
I think you've got it!
I'm going to test it more at the weekend, but the first few tests worked fine.
For I don't use tasks with smartermail, I give the floor to Mark...
I tested Smartermail with tasks and worked fine. The task for every year in Webmail-Smartermail is now correct with german settings (UTC +1)
I tested around some time with the birthdate of contacts, everything works fine. Many thanks for managing this issue!!
Next week we get daylight-time in Germany, I will test if this matters...
Now I realized a new issue, which may result from the obove solution:
- two appointments for March 25 and 26, both at 7 pm changed to 8 pm in the webinterface.
- in iPad, iPhone and Outlook (all synched by CalDAV) the appointments stayed by 7pm !!
So now I have two different schedules for these appointments: In the webinterface it is 8 pm, in the synched devices it is 7 pm.
Tmezone is set to UTC +1 (Rome, Paris, Berlin, ...)
The appointments were created before installing the custom build 13.3.5556.
Creating a new appointment seems to work fine: Both iphone and webinterface show the correct time.
I tested around with daylight-saving time in Germany: No more errors up to now with the-birth-date issue.

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