Outlook 2007 & Sharepoint recurring event weird issue
Question asked by Jay Altemoos - 2/26/2015 at 1:16 PM
Hey everyone I have a weird situation and maybe someone can shed some light on this. We are on SmarterMail build 13.2.5511. I have some users that use the Groupware feature of SmarterMail with Outlook 2007(using the add to Outlook feature) and ActiveSync for their phones including calendar. The calendar itself works fine across all devices but my users are experiencing a weird issue with recurring events in Outlook. I will explain below.
Here's the issue:
User (A) posts a recurring event to happen every Friday at the same time. Which it does continue to populate like it should in SmarterMail, Outlook and the phone just fine. Friday comes along and the event goes by. The same user deletes the recurring Friday event now off his calendar on his phone. The phone syncs with SmarterMail and the entry is removed off of the web calendar also. Looking at the Outlook 2007 Sharepoint calendar the entry is still there even though it is deleted off the calendar online and off of the phone calendar. I have confirmed this by looking at the online calendar. So we open Outlook 2007 fresh and this forces Outlook to run another sync on the calendar. The item is still there as if it was never deleted online. Pressing F9 on the calendar screen does a send/receive also but the entry stays there. The user has to delete the entry manually if he wants it gone from that day. If the event is a single event for that day and the user goes through the same process, the event is removed off of all calendars (online, Outlook, phone, etc.) like it should. It just seems that the recurring event is the one that stays and has to be removed manually in Outlook only.
Anyone else run into this situation?

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Shane Hollis Replied
My 2c worth.
Outlook recurring events ties all events in the recurring group together. when you delete a recurring event in Outlook it asks if you want to remove that event only or the entire recurring group. 
I would suspect outlook doesn't remove the recurring event on the day it has been removed in all the other devices as it doesn't know to remove just one instance or all instances. 
Potentially a recurring event isn't actually saved as a calendar entry in Outlook but as a dynamically populating entry - that is shown every time a calendar is opened. 
To resolve the issue get the user to delete via outlook - see if that works. 

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