Problem reported by Ygor Fernandes - February 26, 2015 at 6:52 AM
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Good day,
I'm having a hard time following my server, use the Time Zone (UTC-03: 00) Brasilia, this time should delay in an hour on 22 February, but that is not happening, as is the very SmarterMail that performs manage this issue do not know what may be happening, can anyone help me?

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If you are sure your server is set to the right time zone, then you need to check the setting within the users account maybe?
If thats all correct then you will probably need to open a support ticket. If it is a bug they will refund it.
Robert Emmett Replied
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Ygor, I have confirmed that SM is currently using an outdated timezone file.  I am in the process of updating the code to use the system's time zone information instead of an external file.
I am going to change this thread from a Question to Problem and mark it as Being Fixed.
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